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The Organization Will Run Without You
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GYPA produces individuals within your organization (including yourself) who can dictate the management process without hesitation. It evolves a staff or company into a focused results-oriented team. Through training, delegation, accountability, and evaluation the organization will run efficiently without you, leaving you to handle the tasks of greater importance.

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I Highly Recommend Gordon to Work with any Organization or Any Manager.
WellMed Network of Florida, Inc.
Director, Market Operations

I’m a very young Director. I thought I had enough education, experience and raw abilities to be a very good manager. When our company started growing rapidly I recognized that I needed improvement in my leadership and management skills.

 I worked with Gordon Winans for one year. This was the best thing I’ve done. He listened, observed and asked questions to understand how THIS organization works, He met me at my level and taught me skills that very quickly made my job easier and placed accountability, ownership and tasks in the right areas.

I highly recommend Gordon to work with any organization or any manager. His customized hands-on teaching and application are truly one of the best ways to learn and change an organization and it’s managers. They are One of Our Biggest Assets.

We had an overwhelmingly positive response from all our staff members.
United Healthcare

United Healthcare: As leaders in our organization we all understand the value of our employees. They are one of our biggest assets; as well as one of our largest expense. Annually our company conducts annual performance reviews on our staff, for which we also identify development opportunities for the employee. One of many areas that GYPA excels in is employee development program/classes. They have many programs to offer that could be applied globally across all employee/individuals/

executives; as well as customized plans. We had an overwhelmingly positive response from all our staff members. You know it works – when you actually see the increase in productivity, leadership, teamwork and an overall improvement in their own performance as an employee. But also how they have positively impacted/influenced staff members that did not attend one of the GYPA programs/classes. GYPA – Giving you Profit-Ability – More Ways than One!